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Construction and Provision of Hand Washing Facilities (fixed/mobile) in Omdurman
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SZWO is seeking proposals from qualified suppliers to construct hand washing facilities (fixed/mobile) to support IDPs and healthcare centres affected by conflict and displacement in Omdurman.
Deadline: 12 May 2024.
Time: 7:30 pm Sudan time..

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ABout US

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Sudan Zero Waste Organization, established in February - 2020, since then the organization has been growing continuously in terms of social development, waste management services and environmental protection activities, targeting both urban and rural areas development

The organization has earned recognition as a leading institution in fields of waste management and recycling, especially after introduction of innovative solutions of waste epidemic in Sudan, includes but no limited recycling of plastic waste into tiles and interlock project. Implementing waste recycling and reusing program and launching Zero Waste Mobile Application

Our vision

We will create a Zero Waste Sudan by fostering a green Sudanese society that produces and consumes responsibly.


We will lead the transformation towards a sustainable, circular economic pattern by building a community that produces and consumes sustainably.


The Organisation has adopted a participatory planning method. This approach is essential for effective community participation and integration.

Our Message

We are 100% committed to driving the transition to a sustainable, circular economic system and building a responsible and environmentally friendly Sudanese society.


Sudan Zero Waste Organization is committed to fostering these core values at the individual and organizational level.

Transparency &
Commitment & Accountability.
Collaboration &
Cost Efficiency “Doing More, with Less”.

our services

We are raising awareness through arranging and executing conferences, workshops, virtual events and awareness sessions in fields of waste, circular economy and environmental protection.

Waste Management Eco-fairs,Expositions
& competitions.

We support waste management businesses, recyclers and entrepreneurs by organising eco-fairs, expositions and competitions. Our network opens the market for them, finds support, spreads their ideas and increases awareness and creativity.

Training of workers & executives in the industrial

We provide comprehensive Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) training for workers and executives in enterprises. Our training equips them with the knowledge they need to manage the impact of pollution, waste sorting, safe disposal of waste and discharging, and how to deal with hazardous waste.

Sustainable Enterprises Program.

We empower youth and women and make them the leaders in managing waste and reducing irresponsible consumption and recycling of waste. We do this through our effective leadership programmes designed by Sudan Zero Waste Organization


We are building a progressive culture that is fully driven by data and team-inspired and led by knowledge and science

Our Projects

Waste 4 Green project, is a project designed to implement waste segregation at source and build Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) in Sudan. Besides closing the technical and biological cycles of both plastic, paper, glasses and organic wastes.

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Raising Social Awareness Program
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Waste Recycling & Reusing Program - Batch (1).
Mtn Sudan Project

+1,000,000 Packaged SIM CARD @ MTN Warehouse – Bahri – Khartoum were managed safely. +10,000 kg of solid waste managed and transformed into recycled products.